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Should Schools Ban the use of Cell phones?

Mobile phones have changed the way we live, but there is a growing consensus that mobile phones are not suitable for many aspects of life, including education. This debate heavily relies on the fact that students get distracted by their phones during lectures. They don’t listen to the lectures and instead spend their time chatting […]

Communication – Art and Visual Medium

Communication has always been a means to express thoughts and feelings, even before establishing a spoken language system. Effective communication is required for emotive expression as well as to establish authority and gain control. It is used to inform and motivate others as well as themselves. Significance and Type of Communication It wouldn’t be wrong […]

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Talk To Other Students About Studying At GCSE

The education system of the GCSE is one which has gained quite the repute and momentum over the years. It is most commonly known as the British system of education, undertaken by students when they reach grade 10 and 11, formerly known as the O-level. In this, students usually prepare for five or more subjects, […]

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How Can I Get A Discount At A Coursework Writing Service?

For most students studying at college or university level, managing finances is always an issue. Few are privileged in this area, but for many others, they worry about how they are going to bear the study expenses is always a concern. Sometimes the only thing that they have to rely on is the meagre savings […]

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How Can We Write a Proposal for PhD Research?

Isn’t it challenging to convince people to agree with you? We all experience the effort which goes into such an attempt in our everyday life. First, you have to lay the ground and then portray your idea further with the help of relevant examples. Interestingly, proposal writing UK is no different. A PhD research proposal […]

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Virtual Morality – Its Effect On The Society

Virtual morality is the art of making moral choices in a virtual setting such as while playing video games, watching videos online, or when interacting with others on an online communication platform. The morality principles followed in everyday life come with many restrictions. The ethical principles of individuals remain intact due to the fear of […]

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Should Students Be Able to Grade Their Teachers?

The fear which rules the life of students is that of academic grading. They keep on questioning themselves if their efforts will ever land them in a safe spot or will the teacher write an ‘F’ on their paper. This fear keeps them up at night where they try to configure the probable solutions, such […]