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Should Schools Ban the use of Cell phones?

Mobile phones have changed the way we live, but there is a growing consensus that mobile phones are not suitable for many aspects of life, including education. This debate heavily relies on the fact that students get distracted by their phones during lectures. They don’t listen to the lectures and instead spend their time chatting […]

Communication – Art and Visual Medium

Communication has always been a means to express thoughts and feelings, even before establishing a spoken language system. Effective communication is required for emotive expression as well as to establish authority and gain control. It is used to inform and motivate others as well as themselves. Significance and Type of Communication It wouldn’t be wrong […]

Confronting Writing Stress

When it comes to academic writing, it evokes very strong feeling of stress and anxiety in some students. The writing stress is one of the key dilemmas for the students all around the globe. The high-level of anxiety associated with the academic tasks sucks the life out of the students. You have to play smart […]