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What Is Criminal Law and How to Write Criminal Law Essay

A criminal law essay is a research paper or report based on a comprehensive review of criminal law regulations. Criminal law is a challenging field to specialize in with so many aspects: the state, court hearings, criminal records, rights of criminals, facts and figures. And on top of everything, writing criminal law essays with perfection is like fighting a case before becoming a lawyer. Students must go through a complete cycle of the process to finish their law degree.

A criminal law essay examines specific cases in which a legislative controversy arises. Criminal law, in particular, is an operational branch of state law that aids in the preservation of society’s safety and confidence. A significant amount of crime and violence threatens the balance and comfort of people’s lives in today’s world. Criminal lawyers are the people who take up such cases to regulate the sphere.

The variety of punishments demonstrates the negative consequences of illegal behaviors and how necessary it is for maintaining discipline and safety. Therefore, it is crucial to consider criminal law as a fundamental foundation for modernization and the provision of security and stability to the country’s citizens.

Law students are frequently asked to write essays, either on topics that have been assigned to them or on issues that they have chosen or in response to specific questions. Mainly in a law degree, the exam includes an essay section, meaning a student has to prepare for both the exam and the essay. In addition, they have to learn about the types of crime, criminal behavior, punishment and sentence period. Therefore, criminal law essay assignments are proposed to ensure students are familiar with their states and country’s laws and know how to apply them in a criminal case.

Even though law students are highly qualified and trained to take on any challenge, they sometimes need help with their studies. Unfortunately, students are left alone to fight the academic pressure which leads to a lot of stress. If you are in the same boat, you can reach out to us for law essay help and avail of professional service.

However, if the student wants to build a law essay from scratch, there will be different requirements depending on the university, and the type of essay students are writing. The first thing to constitute a first-class law essay is to gather all the information. Students must understand the differences between criminal law, criminology, legislation and the different types of criminal law. So, let’s learn about the types and what it takes to structure a criminal law essay.

Types of Criminal Law

Criminal law covers all sorts of crimes, but the crimes are mainly divided into two following types:

  1. Felony
  2. Misdemeanor

Criminal Law – Felony

Severe criminal cases are recorded under this type of criminal law. The punishment for severely offensive cases, types of crimes and criminals is imprisonment for a lifetime or execution. Felony crimes include murder, arson, manslaughter, burglary, tax evasion, aggravated assault, kidnapping, fraud, blackmail, obstruction of justice, forgery, treason, etc.

Criminal Law – Misdemeanor

Misdemeanor type of criminal law looks after less serious crimes, and the punishment for misdemeanor crimes is lesser than a felony. The sentence or punishment such criminals have to face comes in terms of a fine or 6 months to a year in prison. Misdemeanor crimes include reckless driving, public intoxication, property destruction, petty theft, disorderly conduct, trespassing, etc.

Moreover, criminal law is divided into five other categories to recognize the crimes effectively.

Private or Individual Crimes such crimes are recorded when an individual harms another person on a personal level.

Immature Crimes are such criminal acts in which the nearest suspect only helped the criminal in the crime or offensive acts that were never accomplished.

Property Crimes are criminal cases involving interfering with another’s property.

Constitutional Crimes are the acts banned by the states, for example, drugs, alcohol, playing poker, or other societal issues.

Finance Crimes are also known as “white-collar” crimes. It mostly includes transferring illegal money to foreign bank accounts, frauds, embezzlement, tax evasion, blackmail, etc.

We’ve talked about the types and categories of crimes and criminal law. So, let’s jump into the depth of the law of crime and learn how we can structure a criminal law essay.

The Criminal Law Essay Structure

The structure of a simple criminal law essay is similar to another type of essay. However, the essay aims to influence individuals on a particular plan, and the paper helps the legislation regulate social behavior or limit whatever is threatening society. We are sure your professor must’ve taught you how to write a good persuasive essay. To help law students, we’ve penned down some guidelines to help you write a great criminal law essay. Also, you can hire a professional to help you with your criminal law essay. After all, your grades matter the most, don’t they?

·         Start Early on the Essay

It is crucial to start as early as possible because writing a criminal law essay is not an essay game. Waiting until the submission date only adds unnecessary stress and drama to your academic life. The more you’ll delay your essay, the less time you’ll have to write your essay. This will reflect in the completed work and will cost you your grades. So, start early and make sure you have time to add references to your essay and perfect your work with proofreading and editing.

·         Read, Analyze and then Deconstruct the Question

Do not start with your criminal law essay until you completely understand the question being asked. Instead, take some time to break the question down into sections and seek advice from your professors and professionals for law essay help. Again, it will be very helpful for you to have an expert by your side to guide you through the writing process.

·         Research and Investigate

Case or subject investigation is the most important and difficult part of writing a criminal law essay. The data you are taking to support your paper must come from a known and relevant source. The references should be up-to-date and reliable if you want to produce a first-class essay. The more authoritative a source is, the higher your score will be. When possible, choose primary over secondary materials.

·         Write an Effective Essay Introduction

An introduction is something that impresses the audience and makes them read your entire paper. If you have a loose introduction and the paper’s outline is not well-written, your readers will lose their interest. So, provide the readers with a statement, an answer to the problem, and a map that explains your essay’s motives. Your introduction should be detailed, not lengthy, meaning it should simply define the object of your paper but in simple language.

·         Counter-Argument to Your Statement

This will demonstrate that you have a broad understanding of the subject. The counter-arguments list the claims of other authors and explains why your paper is better and how your paper solves a social issue.

·         Conclude Your Criminal Law Essay

Mention all of the main points you’ve made in a few sentences. In your conclusion, reaffirm your answer to the law essay question to ensure that your statement is processed clearly.

We hope you have a fair understanding of criminal law essays and how it is constructed. But we still have some more information for you. So, let us talk about some topics and what it takes to come up with good criminal law essays if your professors don’t assign you a topic.

How to Come Up With Interesting Criminal Law Essay Topic Ideas

Choosing the right topic is the first step toward writing a criminal law essay because it determines the scope of the research. Usually, the professor or instructor provides students with the topic or argument statement as these essays are much more detailed than regular papers. However, if the professor allows you to choose your topic or argument statement, make sure you don’t just pick any topic.

You will have an opportunity to describe your point of view on something you strongly believe in, and your essay is one way to do so. The most effective criminal law essay writing tip for selecting a topic is considering its current relevance and your interest. First and foremost, you should review the entire course and highlight the most interesting criminal law areas and criminal cases studied during the period.

Going through the course and other research will assist you in narrowing your field of interest and selecting a topic. Your essay topic allows you to enrich or practice skills in specific areas. Also, it helps you consider the issue’s importance on a social level and its current status. Furthermore, the topic should either analyze current events, view case studies or look into the implementation of existing national legislation.

Moreover, if you’re having trouble deciding on a topic for your criminal law essay, you can pick one from the list below

  1. Human Rights Violations
  2. The Origins of Capital Punishment
  3. Distributive Justice and Criminal Justice
  4. Has Identity Theft Reached Its Peak?
  5. Witness Protection Program
  6. What Motivates People to Commit Crimes
  7. Aggravating and Mitigating Factors in Criminal Sentencing
  8. Types of Bail; Bail and Bonds
  9. Amendments for Crime Victims
  10. Receiving Protection for Testimony in a Criminal Case

Now that you have all the information and the knowledge to build an impressive criminal law essay, we have only one recommendation, never stop yourself from reaching out for help. You can always contact our professional writers to assist you in your academic goals. Why stress out when you can have the best professionals to help you? Happy writing, writers!


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