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What Is a Law Argumentative Essay – An Ultimate Guide

Do you have a strong opinion about something and want to share it? Write an essay! Disagree with a popular viewpoint and want to persuade others to join you through an argument? Draft an essay! Your law college requires you to highlight an argument and present a counter-argument? Compose an argumentative essay!

Writing an argumentative essay is a common form of law assessment. Besides discussing an issue in detail, law essays require you to solve some legal disputes. This can appear to be a daunting task at times. But, if you follow some basic principles, understand the matter, establish the arguments, and structure your answer accordingly, you will soon discover excellent marks are within your reach.

An outstanding argumentative law essay usually requires:

  • Legal authority
  • Proper organization
  • Well-defended thesis statement
  • Critical analysis and evaluation
  • Direct, simple, and concise language
  • Sophisticated legal arguments

In this guide, we’ve discussed how to create an argumentative law essay. It includes its significance, writing process, and other crucial steps to follow. So, let’s have a look!

What Is an Argumentative Law Essay?

An argumentative essay intends to describe various points of view on a specific topic. A paper usually contains several proven arguments and counter-arguments. The writer needs to express their perspectives explicitly by focusing on a single aspect of the situation. There is a requirement to present evidence to support and describe the claim.

Thus, law essay writers should perform an in-depth analysis, evaluate evidence, and create a concise stance on the issue. An in-depth argumentative essay clarifies logical arguments and evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of an issue.

Significance of Law Argumentative Essay

Law is one of the most significant aspects in transforming humans from brutes to intelligent and unique beings. A firm, strong, and fair code of laws providing equal rights and freedom to all individuals is the key to a prosperous nation.

So, when it comes to argumentative law essay writing, it brings immense advantages for law students, such as:

  • It allows them to communicate effectively with law professionals and clients.
  • Writing skills enable lawyers to showcase a high level of intelligence and credibility to their work.
  • An argumentative law essay makes a lawyer more influential and displays how a law student addresses an issue.
  • Oral arguments usually don’t last long, while written ones keep good records.

When a lawyer is good at writing, it helps them promote their career. However, often students lack good writing skills, causing them to take law essay writing services to meet their academic needs.

Now that you know the importance of an argumentative essay, it’s time to delve into the structure to know the format.

Structure of an Argumentative Essay

The structure of an argumentative law essay writing generally follows the same pattern as an academic essay. The crucial aspect to remember is your write-up title should be clear and concise to pique readers’ interest. An argumentative essay is made up of three parts:

  • An introduction
  • Body paragraphs
  • A conclusion

However, the structure of an argumentation essay has some other essential parts you must know about, so let’s look at it in detail.

1.      Begin in Advance

Apparent, but vital! You should begin writing your law essay as soon as you receive the question. Don’t procrastinate until the last minute, as it can cause unnecessary stress and leave you with insufficient time to complete, reference, and refine your work.

2.      Conduct Research

This is undoubtedly the most crucial step in writing a law essay. The data must come from relevant, trustworthy, and up-to-date sources. Otherwise, your possibilities of writing an outstanding law essay will be impacted.

The more credible the source, the higher the grade you will obtain. Also, always examine the information provided by experts in the field, such as lawyers, judges, and politicians.

3.      Draft a Plan

After conducting thorough research, you’ll get an idea of what content needs to go into the final piece.

Always consider brainstorming and drafting an outline. Doing so will ease the writing process. Moreover, your essay must answer your question or argument to ensure all the points relate to it.

However, if you don’t want to write the document for any reason, you can seek law dissertation help with your outline.

4.      Write a Compelling Introduction

A practical introduction should begin by highlighting the research topic. Do this without simply asking the same question again. Then, make a road map for the reader, indicating how the essay will approach the issue. Afterwards, include a thesis statement. Next, your introduction should be brief. Finally, you will go into the essay’s main body.

5.      Write a Thesis Statement of an Argument Law Essay

A thesis statement is your point of view on the subject at hand and is usually included in your introduction. Take a firm stance and avoid being ambiguous in your statement.

Avoid apparent positions in an argument; being unique is advantageous. Before you begin writing, consider whether you can make your point in the allotted word count or if you need to take a more moderate stance for the paper.

6.      Present Counter-Arguments in The Best Light Possible

This section presents your understanding of the topic. Counter your arguments and explain why yours is more sound. If you don’t understand why your point of view is stronger, you’re essentially arbitrarily selecting one point over the other. Remember, your aim is to convince the reader. Therefore, if you can’t defend your arguments, the reader will not be persuaded.

7.      Conclude by Leaving an Impression

Remember to mention all the key points you’ve made throughout your argument law essay writing. Then, reiterate your answers briefly in the conclusion to ensure clarity.

8.      Always Edit and Proofread to Refine Your Work

The writer should reread the work to correct grammar, vocabulary, and stylistic errors. Editing and proofreading help you to make the essay more coherent and consistent.

Furthermore, ensure the language of the paper corresponds to your academic level. An error-free argument law essay can convey the author’s main points. Moreover, the writer should also review the essay for common errors, including repetitions, personal pronouns, or contractions.

9.      Some Other Aspects to Consider

There are no strict rules for the essay structure, and in most cases, writers have the freedom to mold their write-up according to their style. Consequently, feel free to experiment with structure. However, only change the structure of an essay if it helps support your thesis.

Some more general pointers of argumentative essay writing are as follows:

  • Long, scene-setting introductions or overly long opening paragraphs should be avoided.
  • Avoid spending too much time on one aspect of your center paragraphs. Instead, provide each point with roughly equal weight.
  • Don’t introduce new points in the conclusion. Your conclusion should generally reflect what you have proven in the body paragraphs.

In A Nutshell

There are heaps of things to consider when writing a good law argumentative essay. Luckily, these essay writing tips can help you along the way and get you on the right track to composing a well-written piece.

Unfortunately, students at times don’t even know about writing other essays and search online for ‘how to write a good persuasive essay?’. However, they can meet their academic requirements through writing experts. We wish you the best of luck as you work your way to an ideal essay!


1.      What are some good topics for an argumentative essay?

An excellent argumentative essay topic piques the audience’s attention while also being persuasive. Here are some compelling topics sure to stoke a raging fire:

  • Is it necessary to make cigarettes and other tobacco products illegal?
  • Should nuclear weapons be prohibited everywhere?
  • Do the advantages of medical marijuana outweigh its legal status?
  • Should sugary drinks, such as sodas, be subjected to an additional tax?
  • Is it necessary for restaurants to include calories on all menu items?
  • Should it be illegal to use a mobile phone while driving?

2.      What are the 5 steps of an argumentative essay?

These are the five steps you must follow to write an argumentative essay.

  1. Choose an intriguing argument topic.
  2. Explain the difference between claims and opinions clearly.
  3. Compile a list of all the claims, evidence, and warrants you can think of.
  4. Address counter-arguments explicitly.
  5. Start writing it.

3.      What is an argumentative essay example?

In this example, the first sentence discusses the main legal argument, and the second statement applies the law to the circumstances of the case.

According to Lord Atkin’s neighbor test, person A owes a duty of care to person B if B is reasonably similar to A. In other words, the test will be met if A’s activities or omissions may have a reasonably foreseeable effect on B, resulting in pain, suffering, or injury to B.

Groovy Clothing Store owes Bert a duty of care since Bert was on their property, and that duty of care is non-delegable (and thus could not be dismissed) by Groovy Clothing Store’s contractor who was appointed to refurbish the property. Because of their control over the premise, occupants of land owe a duty of care to their entrants (neighborhood) regarding premises, according to the “neighbor” test. Zaluzna vs Australian Safeway Stores It is adequate for Groovy Clothing Store to owe Betts a duty of care since Bert’s presence at the store was arranged and managed by the store, and it is reasonably predictable that Groovy Clothing Store’s actions and omissions could cause significant damage to Bert and other shoppers.




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