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Should Students Be Able to Grade Their Teachers?

The fear which rules the life of students is that of academic grading. They keep on questioning themselves if their efforts will ever land them in a safe spot or will the teacher write an ‘F’ on their paper. This fear keeps them up at night where they try to configure the probable solutions, such as hiring an essay help UK writing service, to their academic problems. What if it was the other way round? What if teachers have to go through the same “grading phobia”?

Fundamentally, it will be a great approach to establish a conducive learning environment for students. The teachers will be inclined to teach the best to their students, which, in turn, will generate better academic results. However, there can be one drawback to this practise: some students may use it as a tool to project their grudge. They may grade fewer marks to a teacher who does not entertain their requests or provides any favours to them. The latter probability can be avoided if the institution imposes stringent grading conditions for the students.

Since the latter possibility is out of the equation, let’s inspect the question “should students be able to grade their teachers” in-depth:

It Will Create Mutual Understanding

Nowadays, the teachers have no clue if their class is following well with their instructions or not. They perceive that their students have fully understood the taught concepts until the exam results portray a different story.

If students are given the liberty to grade their teachers, the professors won’t have to wait for the test results for such awful realisation. Based on the grading score, the teachers and students will be on one page in terms of progressing and learning academic syllabi.

It Will Enlighten Teachers about Their Shortcoming

Sometimes teachers feel that they have done the best they could, and there was no deficiency in their teaching style. However, not always such a perception is correct.

If students grade their teachers, the remarks provided by them will help teachers cope with such deficiencies and make their lecture material as simplified as possible for the students.

Students Will Address Their Problems Bluntly

Most of the time, students feel baffled addressing queries on their minds. There can be numerous reasons behind such an attitude; nevertheless, it comprises students’ efficacies to learn better.

Imposing teachers’ grading on students will give them a platform to bluntly express the problems they face or the questions which go unanswered for the class. In this manner, the solution to such matters can easily be garnered.

Teachers Will Work Hard to Maintain Their Scores

Nobody likes to fail at their job, especially when the environment becomes competitive. Every teacher will want to score good marks than the rest of the faculty and, thus, he/she will infuse their best to make it happen.

Based on the pointers provided above, it is wise to allow students to grade their teachers. This approach has promising results, and it is the dire need of the time.

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