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How Can Teachers ‘Protect’ Their Students From Procrastinating? - Law Essay Teacher Blog


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How Can Teachers ‘Protect’ Their Students From Procrastinating?

Let’s face it; the institutions have imposed extra obligations on the students’ part, which has compelled them to invest all their time towards the studying process. However, academia does not realise that the stringent conditions can also make the student go astray. Even if he does not try to drop out of the institution, the student may find the idea of pending things for later fascinating. Nevertheless, this approach compiles troubles for the very student; he tries to buy relief through a
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but, eventually, he may find it hard to continue his academic journey.

As a teacher, such a situation is very alarming, which needs immediate attention. Teachers need to stop their students from the procrastination act, which can be done by installing the following practices:

Provide a Planner

Many institutions provide planners to the students at the start of the academic year, but only a few students put it to use. The planner can be a great tool for students to remember and complete their obligations timely, which is why the teachers should ensure its proper usage. They may make the students write their tasks on a planner and check it regularly to keep students involved with the studying process.

Write Tasks Down

Even if the students are making use of a planner, they may not necessarily produce the required results. To give students an extra push further, the teachers should ask students to prepare their to-do lists and get them checked daily. For instance, if the students have a paper to submit by Wednesday on a planner, a to-do list can help them break it into tasks. Writing them down will allow students to look at the comprehensive image and proceed with the process accordingly.

Limit Distractions

The teachers need to keep distractions and students apart. Therefore, they should conduct studying sessions which are more engaging and interesting for the students. They should keep the boredom element out of the equation and undertake activities which students find exhilarating; this will keep students attention focused on the studies, and they won’t try to find solace by procrastinating.

Set Milestones

The teacher should encourage students to set milestones and associate certain prizes to them. For instance, if a student studies a particular topic in-depth, he is allowed to watch a movie the following night as an achievement celebration. In this manner, the students will look forward to the studying process so that they can enjoy what they have been longing to do without any guilt on their mind.

Induce a Sense of Accountability

Teachers should instil a sense of accountability in the students. The students should understand that they are unanswerable to all their actions and the consequences borne through them. This realisation will keep procrastination at bay and incorporate a sense of responsibility in them.

Using the techniques mentioned above, the teachers can effectively ‘protect’ their students from the venom of procrastination.

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